The wireless industry changes rapidly more than we can imagine. Our everyday lives have become dependent on these devices and we keep moving forward to this most technological surge ever in human history.  iGeneration certified master technicians can help you get through all these technological challenges, everytime your cell phone breaks down. We are capable of handling every cell phone repair problem that exists today.

At iGeneration, we understand the high demand and need of your cell phone in your everyday life. After your experience with our cell phone repair technicians, you will understand why iGeneration is number 1. Our highly experienced master technicians are all qualified to diagnose and repair the following cell phone issues and problems:


  • Samsung

  • Blackberry

  • HTC

  • LG

  • Nokia

  • Motorola

  • Blu

  • and more…


  • Cracked Screens

  • Broken LCD’s

  • Water Damage

  • Hardware Repairs

  • Damaged Buttons

  • Motherboard Issues

  • Unlocking

  • Software Issues