iGeneration is a one-stop full repair company specializing in the repairs of all cell phones (including smart phones and iPhones), iPods and game consoles. We have trained our staff in all these devices so that you have to do just ONE STOP for all your repair problems – be it cell phone, your ipod or your xbox. So stop by today and we will take care of your device. We have the expertise, capability, advanced technology, a wide array of repair parts and equipment to handle all problems in repairing your devices. Also we have different authorized repair outlets across the country and there must be one near you!


  1. Apple iProducts Repairs

  2. Cell Phone & all Smartphone Repair.

  3. Computer, Laptop & Tablet Repair

  4. Game Console Repair


For years we have maintained an efficient supply management system enable us to meet your repair demands on time, everytime. No need to wait for weeks or days for your repairs. We ensure that our inventory system is always adequately “stocked.” With us, you can be assured of on time repairs, as have been for years.
iProduct Repairs - 8 years
Computer Repairs - 8 years
Game Console Repairs - 6 years
Samsung Repairs - 4 years

founder01Our Technicians

iGeneration is here to not only guarantee a job very well done, but we also do it with a smile. We have been there, where all that stands between an already bad day and a good one is someone to treat you with care. Our customer service speaks for itself, as well as our work.

founder02Our Customers and Students

Did you know iGeneration can make YOU a repair expert? Knowledge is power! We believe it is not fair to keep knowledge from anyone and that is why we have opened the doors to you where you become the next wielder of that knowledge in just 5 days. Come visit us at one of our locations or to find out more, click for more information on our renowned Wireless Repair Training Center.

  • iPhone Repair

    iPhone Repair

    We take care of every iPhone without stress to you and most iPhone problems are fixed in under one hour. Cracked screens, LCD's, liquid damage, buttons, unlocking, ports and more are a thing of the past at iGeneration.

  • Samsung Galaxy Repair

    Samsung Galaxy Repair

    Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair can be expensive, especially for a new model. Our Authorized Repair Technicians use a unique process that no other repair shop can offer to refurbish your glass for $100 only at iGeneration.

  • iPad Repair

    iPad Repair

    iPad is the successor of mobile computing. Unfortunately, accidents happen and your new tablet can get ruined pretty quickly. Fortunately, we have the parts and skill to get your iPad working like new at iGeneration.

  • Computer Repair

    Computer Repair

    We fix all models, sizes, types & problems. Hard drive upgrades, virus removal, liquid damage, data recovery, and all your hardware or software needs are done quickly, at low prices & better at iGeneration.

  • Game Console Repair

    Game Console Repair

    Sometimes we live in a virtual world and when that stops working you find there are not many places that can repair your video game console. But you can trust that we will get you back to killing zombies at iGeneration.