Game Consoles

Rapid advancements in gaming technology bring us better, bolder and cooler games and gadgets. These game changing, fast-paced developments should not render your gaming consoles obsolete. iGeneration brings renewed, re-souped and updated gaming consoles back on track in time for your entertainment! We bring them back to life so that the game goes on! We are 3 steps ahead to handle your gaming “addictions.” So if there’s a problem with your gaming gadgets, iGeneration can provide you with the fast-track solution. We will do the repair to your ‘technologically-challenged’ gaming devices. So let the gaming competition continue! Our highly experienced master technicians are all qualified to diagnose and repair the following problems on your gaming consoles:


  • Playstation

  • Xbox

  • Wii

  • PSP

  • Nintendo DS

  • New & Old Models


  • Red Ring of Death

  • Yellow Light of Death

  • Unbricking

  • Mother & Memory Board Issues

  • Damaged Buttons

  • DVD & Blu-Ray Replacement